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 Create the Lifestyle You Want to Live!" 

Learn how to Generate Huge Cashflow in U.S. Property from the comfort of your Lounge!
Join Lindsay as he walks you through HIS PROVEN SYSTEM on how to get started in the U.S. Property Market 
from the comfort of your lounge, anywhere in the World.
Even if you're not ready to Invest just yet!
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In This 5 Day Challenge, You Will Learn My Simple System That ANYONE Can Follow...

  • The same step-by-step process I've used to go from a total newbie, to flipping over hundreds of US properties.
  • ​The same system I've shared with hundreds of clients, to help them flip their own properties (with a 20% OR MORE return on their investment). 
  • ​The tools you'll need to turn your dream of flipping a property into your reality in the next few months.
  • ​Plus, you'll finally feel confident about where to start, when you're ready, with training on everything from determining your Investment Strategy, finding your location, building your team, finding a good deal, its all here so YOU WILL KNOW how to get started yourself.
Yes, I cover EVERYTHING you need to get your very own U.S. Property investment journey started...

You don't even need to be ready to invest right now!  This Master Class will prepare you so you are READY when the time comes!

Times have certainly changed, and we need to be able to pivot and change with them!  Self education is GOLD right now, and what better than to learn to develop an additional income stream, right from the comfort of your HOME...

And the best part?

You Don't Pay One Cent...

Yes, this 5-Day Challenge with daily training & live classes is 
100% free :-) 

For only a very small investment of time in yourself, YOU CAN learn how to get into the US market...

Now you might be wondering, "What's the catch? Why's Lindsay doing this for FREE?"

And it's a good question!

The truth is, there are 2 reasons...

The first is - this is my PASSION!

As mentioned, I've helped 100's of clients recently grow their successful property portfolios and diversify into the US market.

So any time I get to teach Aspiring Investors how to grow their dream lifestyle... is what I live for!  😀

And helping investors get started is my favourite thing to do!

Second, at the end of the week, I'm going to be offering a small group of participants the opportunity to work with me longer...

 If You Want More Guidance To Get
Into the U.S. Property Market - it's yours!

However, please know...

This part is completely optional and you're free to leave with all my hard-earned U.S. property investment knowledge and experience - everything I've learned over the past decade without you having to spend a cent.


Register Before The Doors Close...

I Can't Wait To See You In There! :-)

Doors close on Sunday 16th August so don't miss out!

Your Host: Lindsay Stewart

Founder & CEO - Star Dynamic Property Investments, Entrepreneur, Global Property Developer, Speaker & Educator.
"I help investors generate wealth through high return property strategies."
"Coronavirus (or COVID-19) has had a devastating impact on Australian society. Small businesses are on their knees, companies have slashed jobs, a battle between renters and landlords looms large and essential grocery items have been in short supply.
In the fragility, many people have come to a stark realisation that it doesn’t take much to unravel business and lose a job.   This situation is heartbreaking and dire. And it won’t end anytime soon. 
According to the Grattan Institute, up to 26% of Australian workers could be out of work due to COVID-19 and the crisis will have an enduring impact on jobs and the economy for years to come.  
While it might seem insensitive, this circumstance has highlighted that individual financial security needs to be diversified. The age-old concept of ‘not placing all your eggs in one basket’ now has renewed importance.
Having multiple revenue streams is the only way to ride-out situations like COVID-19.   That’s why I believe you must turn your attention to bricks and mortar, but not in Australia.  
The US property market offers Australian investors a strong opportunity to diversify their revenue streams and build wealth and it can be done without a significant cost-outlay. "

They Did it... So can you!

"Star Dynamic is hands down the best and most genuine experience I’ve had throughout my property investing journey.
Lindsay truly cares about his client’s success, which is something I’ve found hard to come by...Lindsay has gone above and beyond to ensure my US deals go smoothly, and I can’t wait for more of what the future brings."
- Katie P
Melbourne VIC
"Star Dynamic's niche expertise in U.S. Property investing assists Aussies in a seamless process whilst offering knowledge and services covering asset protection, insurances, property management underpins a great investment opportunity.

I now have made a positive U.S. property investment and well above Australian margins in a short space of time which I could never have made in Australian without high taxes and duties. 

The result has allowed me to springboard into other U.S. property investment opportunities.”
- Perri K
Melbourne VIC
“We were excited about what rental returns the US property could bring. 

Lindsay has been amazing through the whole process, very informative and goes beyond to help with any questions that I have and is always available and takes his time so that all aspects are perfectly clear.

We found our experience much better than we even expected. I have dealt with other organisations prior, and Star Dynamic are far superior with service.

I am excited about my future and this would not have been possible without Star Dynamic’s expertise and attention. 

Thank you Lindsay and team I look forward to working with you on the next purchase.”

- Kathryn F & Judyanne S
Sydney, NSW
This is 100% actionable content. You will leave this 5 Day Challenge training with an understanding how to dramatically increase the return on your investments through expanding your portfolio into America.
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