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Interested in US Property, 
but not sure where to start?
  • Interested in US property, but not sure where to start and would love to know more, do more research... right?
  • Or maybe your already an investor, looking for more deals and ways to joint venture some deals you have coming through, yeah?  Yes?
Great! For these exact reasons, I have been able to put together a never before seen program in Australia for Global investing – the Star Dynamic Investors Inner Circle (IIC)

In this program will be all the strategies, support and access to the contacts you need to absolutely SKYROCKET your investments in the US!

Whether you are a new investor looking to get into the market, or a seasoned sophisticated global investor with a portfolio of property and deals, this program will save you thousands off the deal prices of property and show you strategies to boost your profits tenfold…

You'll Get Access To
Step-by-step Training Video Portal
With the step-by-step Fix and Flip Academy Training Program, you'll be equipped with the tools, trainings, and guidance to save you countless hours of trial and error. Learn the exact steps I take to build a 7 figure Profitable Property Portfolio
Fortnightly Office Hours with Lindsay
You'll have access to our fortnightly members-only "Office Hours" where you have access for 2 hours every second week to Lindsay and his team of property experts to answer any questions you may have. 
Members-Only Facebook Group
You'll be invited to become a member of our private Facebook Group where you can ask questions, get feedback, be supported and celebrate your wins. 
Face-to-Face Accountability Catch-ups
When you join the Investors Inner Circle, you'll be invited to connect with other clever Investors in our members-only Accountability Catch-ups happening in cities right across the country.

When You Become a Member of 
The Investors Inner Circle...
So, What exactly is included when 
Over $20,000 in education in the Fix and Flip Training Program
Monthly Investors Inner Circle Membership including private Facebook group access for Q & A and networking with other investors, including our exclusive US Property Coaches.
Monthly Training kits delivered direct to your door on particular strategies or sections of the US market to stay up to date with market forces and hotspots
Complimentary Ticket to the upcoming Investors Inner Circle Weekend Away events - These are member only events that happen twice a year (2 different city locations in Australia valued at $5,000 per event)
Live Workshops in capital cities throughout the year
Live Coaching Calls & Weekly Question Hub Feedback - Join me twice every month in a live group coaching call OR have my team and I answer your questions weekly via the Questions Hub.
​Full access to Star Dynamic's Exclusive Property Deals
​Full access to Star Dynamic's professional team 'on the ground in the US' (Sub-contractors, Project Manager's, Property Manager's etc).
As a Member of the Star Dynamic Investors Inner Circle
Access to My very own trusted team on the ground to help YOU manage your projects.
Access to off market deals before they hit the market
Negotiation strategies that can save you thousands off the cost of your deals
How to Manage contractors better and save 10% or more on the renovation costs
​Find joint venture partners to get you into the deals with little or no money down
How to screen and find the best property managers to work for you making the most from your rentals
Sales Strategies that will blow your mind and give you massive boosts to your returns on property sales
Access to solid, real estate professionals on the ground, you can trust!

​​And so much more...
Fix and Flip Training Academy FREE 
when you join the Investors Inner Circle Membership
Fix and Flip Training Academy
An online course that will teach you how to fix and flip properties in the US,
from anywhere in the world.

No Real Estate Experience Needed
You can fix and flip from anywhere in the world!
  • Set up your team in the US from anywhere in the world
  • Reduce unexpected budget
  • ​Source for bargain properties in the US from outside the US
  • ​Renovate properties without burning your profits
  • ​Learn to minimise taxes and maximise profits
  • ​sell your property at a 20% - 40% profit.
  • ​Building Your Team
  • Asset Protection and Set Up
  • ​Sourcing your Property
  • ​Purchasing Your Property 
  • ​Arranging & Managing Rehab
  • ​Selling Strategies
  • ​​Building Your Portfolio
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Here's a Break Down of What We're Going to Cover On Each Modules...
Finding a Location
- Affordability
​- Infrastructure and Growth
- Schools and Universities
​- Crime Rate
​- Vacancy Rate
- Employment Growth / Opportunities
Asset Protection              and Set Up
- What is Asset Protection 
- Creating Structures
- Bank Accounts vs Escrow Accounts
- Insurances.
Sourcing and Purchasing Your Property
- Types of Properties 
- Retail Purchasing Strategies
- Wholesale Purchasing Strategies
- Due Diligence and Feasibility
- Property Values and Comparables
- Earnest Money / Deposits (EMD)
- Property Inspections
- Costs, Closing and Timings
- Connecting utilities

Building Your Team
- Realtors
​- Wholesalers
- Home Inspection Agents
- Title Companies
​- General Contractors
​- Insurance Agents
​- Property Managers
​- Tax Agents and Accountants
​- Foreign Exchange Companies
Arranging & Managing Rehab
- Getting general contractors
- Certificate of Occupancy 
- Payments and Terms
- Progress Payments
- Ensuring Completion
Selling Strategies
- Owner Occupier strategy 
- Investor strategy
- Listing Your property 
- Sold.

...and much more

Number #1 Challenge
When operating in interstate or overseas markets, one of THE most important aspects is having people you can rely on to help, aid, assist and / or provide advice when needed. This can be the most difficult thing to develop and finding people you can rely on and trust in the market is critical.
Most people I come across, this is there number 1 challenge, and also the main roadblock to successfully investing in the US.

You feel this too yeah?

What we have been able to do is put together a program, that will give you (investors and prospective investors) the “edge” to boost your returns. I have spent years learning and experiencing the US market and spent literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in training and knowledge … so you don’t have to!

With that in mind, we have been able to take all our experience and network of qualified professionals in the US and combine this with our huge network of investors here in Australia and put these two together so that finding people and strategies that work is now no longer an issue!

How to Generate Huge PASSIVE Income by Investing in the U.S
We take you through real life examples of which properties are available to make a passive income in the U.S
5 Simple Tips To finding Good Properties to invest in
We uncover the tips we use to finding the best properties to invest in within the U.S market. Learn from the best.
The Returns - High Positive Cashflow
We show you what strategies give better returns. How to assess each deal on its merits.
...and much more
This is the exact formula I used to produce these Clients results...

Orangelawn Detroit MI
Before and After Rehab
  • Purchase Price: US$16,000
  • Renovation Cost: US$25,000
  • Est Market: US$73,500
  • Profit / Equity: US$32,000
Ferguson Detroit MI 
Before and After Rehab
  • Purchase Price: US$23,000
  • Renovation Cost: US$25,000
  • Est Market: US$79,000
  • Profit / Equity: US$31,000
What Actual Clients Have to Say About Stardynamic

Barbara Waller
Bairnsdale, Victoria

We were excited most about investing in the US because of greater returns than anything I can get in Australia.

Minimal hands on requirement enables me to be a little involved and build a very healthy passive income for my retirement.

My expectations were on par with expectations given by Lindsay. I was prepared for not knowing what I don’t know then with the complexity of my first purchases I thought it would be more difficult but it has gone better than I became concerned it would.

I have signed up Star Dynamic Property Investments again for another property and would recommend Star Dynamic to others.

Kathryn Fuller & Judyanne Smith - Sydney, NSW

“We were excited about what rental returns the US property could bring. Lindsay has been amazing through the whole process, very informative and goes beyond to help with any questions that I have and is always available and takes his time so that all aspects are perfectly clear.

We found our experience much better than we even expected. I have dealt with other organisations prior, and Star Dynamic are far superior with service.

I am excited about my future and this would not have been possible without Star Dynamic’s expertise and attention. Thank you, Lindsay and team I look forward to working with you on the next purchase.”

Perri Kallergis
Melbourne, Victoria

This was my first time investing in the U.S. I was very uneducated as to how to successfully buy a property in another country from so far away. 

At the beginning it was quite daunting, but with the assistance of Lindsay and his team, Star Dynamic was able to find a great property deals producing steady positive cash flow outcomes. Star Dynamic showed me how to buy my US property for a price of USD$25,000 conduct the relative due diligence including area research, comparison sales and ARV (After repair Value). My result after rehab costs of USD$25,000 was a sales result of USD$90,000.

Star Dynamic’s niche expertise in US Property investing assists Aussies in a seamless process whilst offering knowledge and services covering asset protection, insurances, property management underpins a great investment opportunity. 

I now have made a positive US property investment and well above Australian margins in a short space of time which I could never have made in Australian without high taxes and duties. The result has allowed me to springboard into other US property investment opportunities.

Donna James
Melbourne, Victoria

The information and services received from Lindsay at Star Dynamic has been of top quality from the start. The knowledge Lindsay has of the USA market and Detroit area is invaluable.

They really are the answer to helping Aussies invest in the USA, highly Recommend Star Dynamic.

Case Study 1
Anne and Catherine
Anne and Catherine came to Star Dynamic Property Investments to help them expand their renovation business into the US Market. They had been operating in NSW, in and around the Sydney region for some time and wanted to diversify their portfolio.

We were able to source for them a property in 11th Street in Ecorse, a riverside suburb of Detroit. The property was on the market for US$22,500 and needed quite a lot of work done. We were able to source the property for US$15,000 for them, giving quite a saving of list price.

Catherine and Anne went on to fully renovate the property over the next 3 months at a total complete cost of renovations at US$17,800. This though, was able to allow them to get a tenant in place, paying $800 per month rent and put the property back on the market at US$58,700. This is an overall return of 39% in just over 3 months!  And the property is giving the investor an 11% return on investment on the rent.

Anne and Catherine have since purchased another 3 properties and are repeating the process plan will be to have these completed within the year, giving a more than 100% return on their investment.
Case Study 2
Barbara came to us looking to purchase US property using her self-managed superfund. After working in the IT industry most of her career, she was ready to look to retire and wanted to set up a good solid passive income without the need for mortgages and debt pressure, particularly causing issues with loan serviceability once she finishes work.
We were able to find an apartment building in Portlance St in Detroit in Michigan which suited her investing strategy. Property was for sale for US$145,000 but we were able to secure for her for US$125,000. The property consisted of 1 x 2-bedroom apartment and 6 x 1-bedroom apartment, bringing a total of over US$3000 per month in rent with all apartments tenanted

After costs, this building alone, is providing Barbara with a US$21,500 income per year, ROI of over 17% on her investment.

Barbara has since gone on to purchase 2 more properties and another apartment block! Total income per year is now over $55,600 per year US DOLLARS! At a total portfolio of LESS than $340,000.

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